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Book Butler is an android-based mobile book inventory application that helps you catalog books you have or track books you want.

Getting Started

There are not a lot of settings but those provided are useful, so that is where I'll start. Settings are available from the home screen by pressing the menu button and selecting "Settings".

Settings: (skip to usage)

Choose a mode

This option sets the default behavior when adding an item to Book Butler. Select Scan or Manual. If your device does not come equipped with a camera this setting will default to Manual and a dialog will be displayed whenever adding items.

Bulk Scan

Check this option to activate the bulk scanning feature. Bulk "scan" will allow multiple entries when the application is in Manual mode as well.

Un-processed bulk scan items

Check this option to receive an alert when there are items still waiting for processing from a bulk scan. The bulk scan feature will need to be on for alerts to be displayed.

Default Collection

Book Butler maintains two collections, your library and a wish-list. This option allows you to choose which collection items will be saved to by default. This may change during usage as the application is collection aware, meaning if you choose to add an item while viewing your wish-list, that item will be added to the wish-list.

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